Privia PX-350 Hits a High Note in the Music Industry with Enhanced Keyboard and New Powerful Sound Engine

DOVER, NJ (DECEMBER 4, 2012) - Casio is proud to announce that the Privia PX-350 is a recipient of the prestigious Key Buy Award presented by Keyboard magazine. Keyboard magazine is a highly regarded publication in the music industry andfeatures the most innovative instruments and the latest in music technology. Casio has been a Key Buy Award recipient five times in the last four years for a variety of popular keyboards including the XW-P1, PX-3, PX-330 and WK-7500.

Key Buy Award winners are selected throughout the year by the editors of Keyboard magazine. New products are reviewed and those that meet the Keyboard magazine standards are placed in the Key Buy Award contenders’ bracket. The editors then work together to select the winners based on the following criteria:

  • The product represents a genuine technological breakthrough
  • At press time, it's the best product in its class
  • It offers more bang-for-your-buck that's better than what anyone would expect

“We at Casio are extremely excited to be recognized as a Key Buy Award winner for our new Privia PX-350,” said Stephen Schmidt, vice president of Casio’s Electronic Musical Instruments Division. “With exceptional new features including Casio’s new proprietary sound source, "AiR" (Acoustic and itelligent Resonator) and an authentic acoustic piano feel, the Privia PX-350 is truly a groundbreaking digital keyboard designed to meet the needs of all musicians.”


PX-350 Electronic Piano


The Privia PX-350 delivers unmatched realism and detail. It’s equipped with Casio’s new proprietary sound source, “AiR” (Acoustic and intelligent Resonator) which provides damper resonance and sensational dynamics, utilizing 4 layer stereo dynamic piano samples. The Privia PX-350 also features a redesigned 88 note Tri-sensor scaled hammer action keyboard and utilizes over three times the waveform memory of the previous generation. This latest Privia model has a total of 250 instrument tones built in and the ability to store a user’s preferred splits and layers for live performances. It can also record a 44.1kHz.wav file directly to a USB thumb drive so that rehearsals and performances can be shared with others.

According to Richard Leiter of Keyboard magazine, “The Privia PX-350 has the soul of a real acoustic grand. It’s inspiring and emotional in a way that I haven’t experienced in a digital piano outside of the best virtual instruments and most expensive hardware digitals.”


March, 2013

Returning to Australia for her annual tour, Ann Vriend is Dolly Parton meets a young Aretha Franklin, and one hell of a show woman.

“Vriend is fantastic in concert – a very, very, funny woman who puts her songs in between her most entertaining comedic intervals” (4 of 5 Stars, A n E Vibe Magazine).


First, the voice: “Soulful, inspiring, brave and bluesy” (Rip It Up, Adelaide) with a “vocal range from vulnerable delicacy to blasts of soulful power” (Halifax Chronicle) Vriend's vocal sound has been described as an enchanting cross between Dolly Parton and a young Aretha Franklin (The Sydney Morning Herald).


Vriend has headlined at festivals as far away from Edmonton as Berlin or Australia, and has sold over 13,000 albums off the stage, independently. “Easily one of Canada’s greatest.... Her strengths as a pianist and lyricist means Vriend is the complete package” (A n E Vibe Magazine).


Vriend has a natural knack for melody, garnering her hits on independent and commercial radio stations in Canada, Germany and the Netherlands. Vriend has been commissioned to write songs for the Commonwealth Games and for Canadian Tourism, and her music has been featured on DVD “Party of Five.”


Vriend's latest release, “Love & Other Messes” has critics drooling over her stylistic and lyrical qualities. Impossible to categorize, Vriend brings together elements of soul, pop, country, jazz, blues and gospel.



AV PriviaTo celebrate Ann's 2013 Australian Tour, in conjuction with Scully Love Promo we are pleased to offer a FREE DOWNLOAD of Ann's latest single "Somebody On The Ground".



For more info and tour dates visit













ANAHEIM, CA (JANUARY 24, 2012) — As a leader in the electronic musical instrument space, Casio is pleased to introduce a new game-changing digital piano to its popular Privia line – the Privia Pro PX-5S. The new PX-5S represents the first electronic piano in Casio’s Privia Pro series, a sub-category aimed for professional stage musicians and will be exhibited in Casio’s booth during Winter NAMM at the Anaheim Convention Center, January 24-27, 2013.

“The launch of Casio’s Privia Pro series further exemplifies the company’s commitment to the musical instrument category. We are no longer just producing musical instruments; we are going beyond sound by enabling professional musicians to express themselves and create music like never before,” said Stephen Schmidt, Vice President of Casio’s Electronic Musical Instruments Division. “Our new Privia PX-5S sets the stage for Casio’s foray into the professional music space.”

The newly developed Privia Pro PX-5S is a genuine stage piano, advanced MIDI controller and performance workstation packed with functions that set it apart from other digital pianos. Equipped with Casio’s new proprietary sound source, “AiR” (Acoustic and intelligent Resonator), the PX-5S delivers acoustic piano sounds with unmatched realism and detail. The power of AiR is also applied to an all new set of authentic vintage electric piano sounds and clavinets that is paired by a powerful new effects engine giving the PX-5S an arsenal of both acoustic and electric piano sounds.



In addition the PX-5S features a large assortment of fully programmable sounds, including Hex Layer tones derived from the award winning XW-P1 synthesizer. Hex Layers can produce evocative synth sounds as well as complex acoustic and orchestral simulations.

The PX-5S is stage piano like no other. In a remarkable light-weight chassis (less than 11kg) it is also a four-zone performance controller, complete with 4 assignable knobs, 6 assignable sliders, 2 pedal inputs, pitch and modulation wheels. 4 independent and programmable arpeggiators allow the PX-5S to expand in to sonic territory by creating an array of animated textures. An 8 track phrase sequencer allows the performer to trigger sequences and riffs which can be triggered and transpose and on the fly, allowing for unheard of performances by a single musician.

"The Privia PX-5S is a new breed of stage piano," said Schmidt. "Designed with a plethora of features ideal for any performing musician, the PX-5S is sure to raise the bar and caliber of stage pianos within the industry."

Casio’s PX-5S even provides the ability to record a 44.1kHz .wav file directly to a USB thumb drive so that rehearsals, performances and moments of inspiration can be easily captured and shared.

The PX-5S will be available soon from selected retailers - register your details for the most up to date information.



"Soulful, inspiring, brave and blusey" (Rip It Up, Adelaide) singer/songwriter Ann Vriend drops by to tell us a bit more about herself and her music.

1) What has been your favourite city on the tour so far and why?


So far I had the very best time in Sydney, with a close runner up being Brisbane. Sydney I had the most fantastic band playing with me for my 2 shows at the Basement-- Matt Smith and Mark Holbert of the Sydney band Peregrine-- who have been good friends of mine for ages and who played so brilliantly with me that none of us wanted to get off the stage. Plus the Basement is just such a great venue. We recorded the gig so hopefully we can release some of the songs soon!


I also was very spoiled to be put up in an apartment on Bridge Street about 200 meters from the Basement, which is of course super close to Circular Quay and the Opera House, etc. I also have some really great friends in Sydney I've made over the years, who took me out at night, took me surfing and to the beach in the daytime, one of them took me flying in a 2 seater plane, another on a motorbike, and another who hosted me at a house concert in Frenchs Forest where I played a 9 foot Bosendorfer to a jam packed sold out room. So with all of that going on it was pretty hard not to have an absolutely fantastic time in Sydney, not to mention having a new and improved version of the Casio to rehearse and perform on. Australians have been nothing short of awesome to me.


In Brisbane I got to play this fantastic hall in Sandgate which had the most magical acoustics. I have made friends with a lot of jazz musicians in Brisbane, one of whom is Ewan MacKenzie, a brilliant guitarist. He accompanied me for me 2nd set at Sandgate and it was a completely thrilling show for both of us, and such an honor to have him play my songs-- and an even bigger honor to have him say he loved the songs so much and thank me profusely that he could play them with me. We got an amazing reaction from the crowd and hope to be invited to play their festival next January. Also my sister Kathryn was along for that leg of the tour, visiting from Malaysia. Because she lives all the way out there I don't see her very often, so it was great to hang out with her and Ewan. We all had a really great time together.



2) Most memorable venue to play at?


I would have to say a tie between The Basement, the Sandgate Town Hall, and the Frenchs Forest house concert. Although it was also immensely interesting being at MONA in Hobart as well.


AnnVriend111002 083) When did you know you wanted to be a musician and what was the turning point in your career to make you do so?


One was getting tricked into performing at my high school in grade 12 by my school principal, who needed more people to play at the annual talent show. I was doing a recording project to hand in, but it was only to be heard by the teacher grading it, and recorded at home in front of NO ONE. But he said I had to perform 3 songs, and it actually went pretty well despite my horrid nerves, and led to me being in my first ever band.



The second one was when I was attending music college and taking the vocal performance program there. I had a really tough first year facing my stage fright and hang ups related to being a musician, to the point of getting low grades and thinking I definitely had to quit. However I had some break throughs in that I had to remember my love of music and why I did it in the first place and just focus in on that, and from there things began improving and led me to where I am today, and I've never wanted to quit since.


4) What is your advice to young musicians out there who sometimes find it hard to articulate their music into a song?


I think a good thing is to focus on the overall mood of the song, pick a phrase to make the hook or the main line of the chorus that summarizes that, and remember a lot about song writing is that there needs to be repetition. And the other thing to remember that your job is to paint a picture of a mood or feeling, both with your lyrics and the notes and chords you pick.



5) What do you love about playing the PX350?



The feel of the keys is quite authentic-- both the way they're weighted as well as the material that the keys are made from. The piano and the Rhodes sounds are pretty good and a huge improvement from the last version. And the best thing is how light the keyboard is for hauling around, in comparison to other 88 note keyboards.


Want to get to know the new PX-5S? Really get to know it at the new Privia Pro blog. Here you will find in depth info and tutorials on the features of the new PX-5S. The blog is regulalry updated with more vidoes, tutorials and tips and tricks on how to get the most out of this great instrument. You'll find all you need to know here -  

Support, FAQ's and downloads of extra sounds can also be found here


Since it's launch at NAMM in January 2013, the new Privia PX-5S has been turning heads with it's innovation and redefinition of the stage piano category.         The PX-5S has been gaining more and more recognition amongst pro musicians, with players among the likes of Joe Sample now choosing Casio. (Check out the video of Joe Sample on the PX-5S!This recognition has not gone un-noticed by the critics, with Keyboard Magazine presenting the PX-5S with the prestegious Keybuy Award. Read Keyboard Magazine's review of the PX-5S here. 

PX-5SWE Web image2

The newly developed Privia Pro PX-5S is a genuine stage piano, advanced MIDI controller and performance workstation packed with functions that set it apart from other digital pianos. Equipped with Casio’s new proprietary sound source, “AiR” (Acoustic and intelligent Resonator), the PX-5S delivers acoustic piano sounds with unmatched realism and detail. The power of AiR is also applied to an all new set of authentic vintage electric piano sounds and clavinets that is paired by a powerful new effects engine giving the PX-5S an arsenal of both acoustic and electric piano sounds.


The PX-5S is available from selected retailers in Australia - Contact Us for more information of where you can try out this incredible instrument for yourself.



In 2013 we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Privia range of digital pianos with the release of three exciting new models: PX-A100RD Metallic Red, PX-A100BE Metallic Blue and PX-A800BN Natural Oak Tone.


privia10thannivPrivia was born in 2003 as a new concept digital piano conceived from a desire to extend the pleasure of playing piano to as many people as possible. Its launch completely erased the conventional image of the digital piano as a large, heavy instrument with traditional styling; to a more modern design which is compact, portable and lightweight. With Privia, CASIO’s original thinking and highly advanced technology has produced a range of digital pianos with contemporary styling that would enhance any home interior.


In the decade since the launch of the first Privia model, the stylish design and superior piano playing experience has continued to develop. These Limited Edition models are built around CASIO’s award winning AiR Sound Source, and also incorporate a new Hall Simulator function which reproduces the acoustics of 10 different concert halls, stadiums and cathedrals from around the globe.

Click below for more details on each of the Limited Edition models, and see our Where To Buy section for where you can try out these great new Privia Digital Pianos.



px-a800 pPX-A100RD FPX-A100BE F

Ann Vriend 2015 Australian Tour

She's baaaack!

Our favourite Canadian indie song soulstress Ann Vriend is back in Aus for her 2015 tour.

Ann Vriend's new album, entitled "For The People In The Mean Time" tells tough tales of the struggle of inner city life against the backdrop of explosive indie soul beats and harmonies. Despite the subject matter "backed with heavy grooves For The People In The Mean Time is upbeat without forcing needless optimism" writes the Calgary Sun, adding "Vriend's voice is unmistakable, catching and powerful." Production-wise, "with all its dubs, loops, samples, creaks, quirks and squeaks [For The People In the Mean Time] creates a Bohemian approximation of a Motown record that would do Berry Gordy Jr. proud…. Overall, 'For the People in the Mean Time' is a stunning and (despite all the comparisons) original achievement" writes City Gigs, Edmonton.

Check out the tour dates below for where you can catch Ann Vriend performing with the Casio PX-350.